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Not many business owners realise that they can advertise their business for free on the world’s largest search engine. Claiming and optimising your business listing on Google My Business (GMB) achieves just that. In this article we help you better understand how to get your business listed.

Why List on GMB?

There are two compelling reasons to claim your Google My Business (GMB) listing:

  • It gives you free access to some prime internet real estate – listing your business on GMB is free and provides exposure to your local market
  • Not claiming your business could be a risk – anyone is free to claim your business on GMB, and the last thing you want to do is for your competitors to hijack your listing.

There are of course many more benefits, but these are in our opinion the two key reasons why you want to get your business online with GMB without delay.

Stand out from the competition

It is surprising how many business owners don’t actually realise that GMB is completely free and at their disposal to manage their business’ online presence on the web. If you are a small to medium enterprise (SME) business owner, GMB is the perfect starting point to enhance your online visibility and attract more clients. 

Client searching on Google My Business

You don’t even need to have a website to be able to benefit from a listing on GMB. You can view GMB as a mini-website where you can easily showcase your business to potential clients and customers. It is the perfect tool to create an online presence for your business at no cost. It is relatively easy to set up from scratch, but if you are not so inclined or have the time to do the initial setup, there are many agencies out there that can help you set up your business profile on GMB. 

The benefits of getting your business online with GMB

As stated before, there are numerous benefits to getting your business online with GMB, below we expand on some of these.

Rank Higher in Search Results

The more Google likes your business, the higher it will rank you in its Search and Maps results. How do you get Google to like your business more? By supplying quality, consistent, and accurate information about your business. The more Google can tell consumers about your business, the better it will rank your business. Your GMB profile is one of the best ways to prove this to the Google search engine and get better online ranking.

⇒ It’s Google after all

How often do you get the chance to have your business listed on the world’s largest search engine? Claiming your business on GMB is easy and free. The quality of your listing will depend on how well you describe your business and how you make use of the incredible options provided by Google with this service. 

 Here are some of the things GMB allows you to do:

  • About your business – You can explain what your business is all about and share pertinent information, including videos and photos
  • Direct Messaging – Google recently launched a messaging feature that lets businesses directly chat with customers
  • Creating Posts – Posts are a way companies can promote offers, news, events, product updates and announcements
  • Business Hours – Show customers when you are open and closed
  • Products and Services – Describe what you do or sell and set your prices

Dominate you local market

GMB gets your business listed on Google Maps, ensuring that it will show up in local searches and enabling you to showcase your value proposition to current and future customers. Beat your competitors by listing locally. A well set-up GMB profile that is effectively maintained and updated will go a long way to getting you into the so-called “Google 3-pack”. The Google 3Pack is the method Google uses to display the top three results for local Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) outcomes. It makes it easier for mobile users to navigate the Google 3Pack by showing addresses and business hours, rather than phone numbers.

⇒ Show you are the best with Google ratings

With GMB your customers can effortlessly leave reviews for your business that are visible for all to see. Receiving 5-star reviews on Google will undoubtedly win you even more customers. Prospective buyers of your services will see your reviews on your GMB listing which will give them comfort that you are a legitimate, professional and value adding business.

 And what if you were to get a negative review you may ask? Well, then you can write an honest response on GMB acknowledging the client if their concerns are legitimate and offer to put it right. If you believe the feedback is unfair or harsh, best advice is not to be defensive in your response, but if you feel strongly about it, you can set out your side of the story in your response to the review. 

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Next Steps

The first step is to claim your listing on GMB and set up your business profile. This is reasonably easy to do if you are so inclined, alternatively you can ask the experts to help you set it up for you, at very reasonable fees.

It is very important that your listing remains active and is updated regularly. There is nothing worse than a static or outdated GMB listing. You want to ensure that you keep your listing updated and use it as a launchpad for promoting your business, products and even special offers. Give potential customers an insight into your business with posts and bring in a personal touch with photos – it makes you real and elicits trust in your business if someone can visualise your business. This can be anything from your shop floor, tradesman out on assignments or the technology set-up in your office. 

You want to rank in the Google 3-Pack to make the most of your listing – this will not come by itself and require hard work, dedication and some luck. Content and stability (time) are key factors that get you into the Google 3-Pack. The best way to do this is by researching those companies already featuring in the top 3, and emulating that as much as you can.

Get your business online for free

In conclusion

Getting your business listed on GMB is a no-brainer because it is free and relatively simple to do. And remember, if you don’t claim your business, someone else may. It is a fantastic way to be found locally and literally get your business on the (Google) map.

You should not expect instant success or a magic influx of new customers, because that requires you to feature in the Google 3-Pack for your business niche and search terms. This requires ongoing effort and research into what makes your business ranks best. But it definitely is a starting point and as a minimum a platform to showcase your business, get found on line and create trust with existing and potential customers.

If you would like to learn more about GMB or would like to help you optimise your GMB, feel free to contact us.

Happy listing from the folks at

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