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Welcome to Our Process

We pride ourselves in the quality of our work. Our designers and coders follow a tried and tested process which involves the customer every step of the way, with quality assurance checks built into the way we work

Our Process is

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Building Quality Websites

We follow a simple, yet very effective 5-Step Process when we co-develop our websites with our clients. We believe in processes, as it provides consistency, quality and efficiency – click the Steps below to learn more 

During this phase we spent time with the customer to understand their needs and agree a mock-up of the final product. We take time to share with the customer our deep experience of building websites, include best practices and pitfalls.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail” Image of a telescope

Having agreed the overall framework and design, we now work on, and agree the detailed elements of the website. This typically include the site branding, typography, style and images that will be used. We also agree the content that we will require the customer to supply.

“The devil is always in the detail” Image of a Lamp

Because we have worked with the customer during the Discovery and Design phase, our build process is efficient and effective. We build your site according to the agreed design. During this phase, a key success factor is the quality and speed of content provided by the client.

Content quality is the responsibility of the customer – you know your business best” Image of Desktop PC

We are a quality driven agency. During this phase, we perform all our internal quality assurance checks, and we ask the customer to sign off every page of the website. We believe that the quality of any website is the co-responsibility of the owner and the builder. 

“First Imperssions Count!” Image of Checked Desktop PC

Once we have assured the quality of the website, we work with the customer to deploy the website. We agree the maintenance plans and update schedule (where applicable).

“Five, Four, Three, Two, One … Lift off, we have your site on-line” Image of Rocket Launch

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